How will you write your 401k wealth building story?

Success Factors.

Your wealth story starts today.

We nudge you into action. You can count on us to motivate you to stay the course whether you are 28 or 58.

Most Americans have fewer than 1,250 paychecks before retirement, and we know each paycheck has competing priorities. With PhysicianWealth as your wingman, saving for retirement does not take a back seat.

You save today. You save more tomorrow.

PhysicianWealth helps you optimize your contribution strategy to grow your wealth as your paycheck grows. Set your contribution to increase each year, automatically. Or when you get a big raise.

We leverage the investment principles of Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economics to help you increase your contribution at a comfortable pace. 

Take profits. Reduce losses.

During above-average market periods, excess profit from your stock funds will be moved to bond funds when a rebalance happens. That way, during bad market periods, the bond funds can provide a cushion for your portfolio.

Each chapter of your wealth story needs a goal.

What is your goal?

- To be wealthier than 80% of Americans? 

- To save more than 90% of Americans? 

- To measure your wealth as a multiple of your salary? 

- All of the above? 

PhysicianWealth will help you set goals and project how many paychecks it will take to achieve them. Beat the goal. Celebrate. Set a new one.

Power your portfolio with Smart Rebalance.

Life is anything but constant. Your life changes. Your lifestyle changes. Your employer changes your 401k provider. Funds change. Fund performance changes. 

We got it! PhysicianWealth will build and rebuild your portfolio as needed to make sure you are seeking maximum returns. 

That is Smart Rebalancing.

You deserve to be rewarded.

Your 12th month with PhysicianWealth will be free, when you set your contribution to automatically increase by at least 1% each year, or when you are maximizing your contribution to IRS limits.

We want to see you succeed in achieving your wealth goals. That's why we'll reward you for making good financial decisions about your wealth.

No matter how much you save
Sign up now to start growing

Whether $0 or $100,000, your current 401k balance is just a starting point.

Let PhysicianWealth help you grow your wealth, and be your wingman throughout your wealth building story.

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