Frequently Asked Questions

How often will PhysicianWealth rebalance my 401k?

We monitor your portfolio and see if we need to make any adjustments. If all assets increase or decrease similarly, their proportions don’t change much and we wouldn’t need to rebalance. But if we need to tweak the allocation, we’ll do it for you.

Are there hidden fees?

No. PhysicianWealth does not charge anything besides the advisory fee. But the investments in your 401k plan have internal expenses and your provider/custodian may have fees.

What returns will my portfolio deliver?

We cannot predict future stock or bond returns. And as you know historical performance can never be a guarantee of future performance. But at PhysicianWealth, we aim to place you on the PhysicianWealth efficient frontier, where a fund allocation is designed to help achieve the best return for a given risk.

What’s the difference between PhysicianWealth and a target date fund?

At PhysicianWealth, we provide customized portfolios based on your age, contributions, and risk preferences. And we monitor and rebalance your portfolio. Our success factors including behavioral nudges are designed to help you build wealth. Target date funds are a one-size-fits-all approach.

Do you time the market?

Studies have shown that it is close to impossible to time the market. We believe that what counts is “time in the market” instead of “market timing.”

Why do I need investment management for my 401k?

401k is the largest source of retirement income for most Americans. Therefore you should take care of your 401k investments. That starts with periodically increasing your savings, picking the right funds given your age and options in your 401k plan. And once you have that in place, your 401k portfolio needs to be monitored and rebalanced as asset prices change. Let’s start building your wealth today through your current 401k.

Do you take into consideration my other investments during your portfolio building?

Not at this time. We are building technology capabilities for holistic investment management considering all your investments. We expect to introduce those features in the future. Stay tuned.

What is the minimum investment amount that I need to use PhysicianWealth?

There is no minimum account size or investment amount needed to open an account with PhysicianWealth. We want to partner with you and help you build your wealth. Your current account size is just a starting point for PhysicianWealth's wealth building strategy.

Does PhysicianWealth change my contribution amount into my 401k?

Yes, but only after your approval. We recommend increasing your contribution when you get a raise. But we ask for your approval before implementing any increases.

Will PhysicianWealth withdraw funds from my account?

Absolutely not. PhysicianWealth will never withdraw funds from your account. To withdraw funds, you must contact your 401k custodian.

Do I have to transfer funds or move my 401k account to have PhysicianWealth help me?

No. Your account stays with your 401k provider (custodian). PhysicianWealth will build and manage, reallocate, and rebalance your portfolio as needed through the online access of the your 401k provider.

Can a broker at a brokerage firm help me?

Probably not. Brokerage firms may not allow their sales people to offer specific advice because that would mean they were acting as a fiduciary. Brokerage firms don’t want the liability of bad advice from their sales people.

Is PhysicianWealth a fiduciary?

Yes. We are a fiduciary. PhysicianWealth will always act in your best interest. Our mission is to serve your interests and to help build your wealth. We don’t get any commissions, kickbacks or payments of any sorts from your provider or from the mutual funds in the plan.

Does my 401k provider/custodian manage investments for me?

Generally no. Your provider/custodian only implements what you have told them to do. They take the percentage of your paycheck that you have elected to defer and invest it in funds you have chosen. Many Americans don’t have the right fund allocations and are stuck in the same investments that they chose when setting up their 401k account.

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